Rags of Honor Joins Forces with Veteran Roasters and CardShark

Rags of Honor Joins Forces with Veteran Roasters and CardShark

Creating a Powerhouse Family of Brands Committed to Honor Veterans

Rags of Honor, Veteran Roasters, and CardShark have united under the parent brand Rags of Honor to maximize their support to our nation's veterans while delivering quality products. Each company was founded to serve and operated by veterans, driven by a strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

While each company offers a unique product, they share a common goal of providing employment opportunities and support to veterans. Additionally, each donates a portion of proceeds from each sale to the veteran non-profit organization Rags of Honor 1, which focuses on ending veteran homelessness, assisting veterans in finding jobs and preventing suicide among veterans.

The decision to merge these brands under the Rags of Honor umbrella allows them to leverage the existing recognition and reach a broader audience with their collective impact. They can expand their reach, raise more funds, and hire and support even more veterans in need through their combined efforts.

The merged brands under Rags of Honor have a clear mission: to give veterans hope, to make a lasting impact, and to raise awareness about the importance of supporting those who have served our country.

Through their unwavering commitment to their core values of quality, leadership, impact, and perseverance, the unified brands under Rags of Honor embody the spirit of service and dedication their veteran team members instilled.

The merged brands under Rags of Honor invite patriotic Americans who appreciate quality products to join them on their mission. They aim to resonate with individuals who share a deep love for their country and a desire to support veterans. These customers value top-notch merchandise that not only meets their high standards but also serves as a meaningful gesture of gratitude towards those who have served in the military. By choosing Rags of Honor, these patriotic Americans can directly impact veterans' lives while enjoying exceptional products that align with their values.



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